Gush: Hannah Georgas (again)

Pretty album art. Can’t wait to get this on vinyl. September 4 seems so far away!












Also, new tune “Dreams”:

Gush: Hannah Georgas

I first learned about Hannah Georgas from Rich Terfry and his CBC 99.1FM radio show Drive. I then saw her tour with Kathleen Edwards in support of the perfect album Voyageur. Then, many years later, with the National in Hamilton, with their female-infused album, I Am Easy to Find.

After some internet searching, I found out that Georgas has been working with the National’s Aaron Dessner on her new music. Here are two gorgeous tunes that I listen to at least twice daily, soak it up!

Gush: Darondo “Let My People Go”

Neo soul is a genre I’m so happy to see a resurgence. It’s also served as a platform to help aging artists have a second-wave career (thinking: Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones, Darondo, Lee Fields).

Sadly Darondo died in 2013 (wow – seven years ago TOMORROW), but his music lives on in TV shows – the song “Didn’t I” was used in both Breaking Bad and Love Life.

Gush: Matt Berninger takes on Big Thief’s “Not”

Thanks to Toronto’s Hayden Desser (aka Hayden), the National play Toronto more than they probably would without knowing him. Desser hosts Dream Serenade as a fundraiser for children with exceptionalities and their caregivers.

Today I’m gushing over the almost one year old cover of Big Thief’s flawless tune “Not”. That Berninger ambitiously took on less than a month after it’s release on October 11, 2019. For nerds like me who’d want to know, he performed it on November 2 with the lyrics held close to him throughout his performance.

Throughout he struggled with the lyrics, but most noticeably at the beginning (although Berninger’s been known to screw up beginnings, even of his own songs) and a huge sigh of relief when he hits 3min27sec, when he no longer has to sign. He threw the lyrics into the audience as finishing gesture.

The only other member of the National on the stage is trumpet player Kyle Reznick, who adds some colour to the end of the song, giving it the grit that a cover of it needs.

Gush: ‘Harlem River’ by Kevin Morby

Harlem River was released in 2013, a little while ago. I was still living in Guelph. I don’t think I knew who Morby was at the time, at least his music. I think I had seen him live with the Babies and possibly Woods.

Morby and girlfriend/musician Katie Crutchfield (aka Waxahatchee) did a series of Thursday hangouts via Instagram where they serenaded fans with requests, indulgent covers and fun chat. They sweetly referred to them as “rodeos”. Solidifying themselves as the coolest people that I’d hang out with any day.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to today. The album is good, but the song “Slow Train” is just epic and it has surprise guest vocals from Cait Le Bon. For this moment, physical distancing and pandemics aren’t so bad.



Gush: “What Will Tomorrow Bring” by Wendy Rene

Stax gem, Wendy Rene, was something I discovered while watching the show Casual. It was the song “After Laughter” and with its very distinct reggae-like organ sound and Rene’s ripping wails, it served as the perfect credit pairing. 

I stumbled upon this song and felt like it was pretty fitting to what we’re all going through in this pandemic. 

What will tomorrow bring,
What will tomorrow bring,
I came to wonder, what will tomorrow bring
I said I wonder, what will tomorrow bring
And joy to my heart and a happiness
And you, darling you, and now
What will tomorrow say, oh what will tomorrow say
I’m thinking of what I’ll say, I wonder what I’ll say
How are you, how have you been and I, I, I love you and now
It’s been so long since you’ve been in my arms
And over long time since…
So honey tell me, what am I to do
Oh, oh, oh, oh what will tomorrow bring
I think I got the right to know
What will tomorrow bring
I kinda wanna know
What will tomorrow bring
Now, will it bring sadness, a blood, a pain, a shame, a will in…
What will tomorrow bring
I think I got a right to know
Tell me, somebody have to tell me
I really wanna know, I really wanna know
I’ve got to know

Unprecedented Time

How many times have you said “unprecedented time” when addressing weird circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic?

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a bit of a busy bee and workaholic. In this unprecedented time, my normal three jobs has reduced to just one job that I now work from home. Life has changed quite a bit, but here are some adjustments music-wise that I’ve made:

  • I created a Bandcamp account and bought music on there for the first time and took advantage of Bandcamp’s all money to the artist effort last Friday. Just to clarify, I typically buy physical copies of music – vinyl and CDs. I find Bandcamp easy, fun and a great way to directly support musicians. Anyone making and releasing music at this time gets a huge hat tip and a few bucks from me!
  • Not that much different from normal life, but I turn on the radio. It’s talk radio, but CBC 99.1FM likes to pepper in little music blasts. Today alone Tom Power told me about the death of legendary African saxophonist, Manu Dibango. He was 86 years-old and died from COVID-19.
  • I’ve been embracing the wave of home shows put on my some of my favourite musicians – a daily show from Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, indie power couple Kevin Morby & Waxahatchee, Saves the Day’s Chris Conley and many more and even more to come.

Some things I’ve been meaning to do:

  • Listen to more podcasts. My regular listens include: Call Your Girlfriend, Canadaland and the Daily, but I’m really excited to find new non-COVID-19-focused content. Today’s find and hopefully listen is Dear Young Rocker.
  • Tune into the Anti-Matter podcast, which is featuring interviews with Chris Conley (Saves the Day), Geoff Rickly (Thursday) and many other music heroes from me from 10+ years ago.
  • And maybe even catch up on some of Thursday frontperson Geoff Rickly’s podcast on mental health and music, Dark Blue.
  • Watch more TV. As if I could do this more? But why not?


Gush: ‘Chequered!’ by Chubby Checker

This album is everything. Very grateful that Damien Jurado & Richard Swift’s cover of “If the Sun Stops Shinin'” brought me to it. Chubby Checker is famous for the pop hit “The Twist” – happy to report that this album brings so much more.

1971 was a good time. I allllmost wish I could time travel back to live through all the good music.

The opening track is a bold 7:46 long. I can’t think of another album that’s tried that move.