>Reverie Sound Revue

>I have only heard two tracks but I can confidently say that Reverie Sound Revue’s new album is a wonderful compliment to the summer weather. It’s light and airy, not anything you’d really love for the lyrical content. But it’s smart and flirty, the lyrics and music sway back and forth quickly and effortlessly.

Lisa Lobsinger is of the Broken Social Scene alumni. She toured with them for a couple of years in 2006 or 2007. She was the ‘other’ girl with the big hair. I really like her music and I look foward to seeing this band live.

Listen to “An Anniversary Away” and “Arrows” here: http://hypem.com/#/search/reverie%20sound%20revue/1/

The original version of “An Anniversary Away” was so much better than this one!

>Away We Go

>I’m seeing this film very soon.

The soundtrack is lovely, because it’s done by the British-born, Scottish-raised Alexi Murdoch. Who writes songs that are perfect for films like this and TV shows like the OC. You probably already know Alexi Murdoch’s “All of My Days” and “Orange Sky”. A little over done but I still love them. He’s a little off-beat as far as singer/song-writers go. Hold on to your hat.

“Away We Go” soundtrack tracklist
1. All My Days – Alexi Murdoch
2. Blue Mind – Alexi Murdoch
3. What Is Life – George Harrison
4. Song For You – Alexi Murdoch
5. Golden Brown – The Stranglers
6. Towards The Sun – Alexi Murdoch
7. Meet Me In The Morning – Bob Dylan
8. Breathe – Alexi Murdoch9. Wait – Alexi Murdoch
10. The Ragged Sea – Alexi Murdoch
11. Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ – The Velvet Underground
12. Orange Sky- Alexi Murdoch
13. Crinan Wood – Alexi Murdoch