>Sondre Lerche at the Mod Club; Wednesday September 16, 2009


Sondre Lerche at the Mod Club; Wednesday September 16, 2009

Sondre Lerche is one of the most beautiful artists, physically and through his music. He’s incredibly talented. I can’t think of many artists who can simply rock the guitar without their band and still give people the same aww they did with an entire band.

One rewarding thing about seeing Lerche without a band is his natural ease in transition between songs. He engages with the audience. I was in the second row and I felt like I was in a coffee shop with him. I just wished that he would get off that stage and sing on the same level as us.

By the third song he turned to the crowd for suggestions. He played the first person’s request – “Tragic Mirror”. This song sounds natural on the acoustic guitar.

He played all across his catelog, I was not disappointed. The only song I longed to hear was “Happy Birthday Girl” which may or may not’ve been a stretch for him to play.

I really loved his encore tune – “Modern Nature” a gem he released when he was only nineteen! It’s a beautiful song that he used in the Dan in Real Life sountrack and it worked swimmingly. He said before he played “OK, i need you’re help and I’m still trying to get use to this one”. The song usually has a girl part that echoes the guys – without telling the crowd explicitly he gave them the opporunity to sing along. It was sweet and very fun, i couldn’t help but laugh, with no guts to sing myself.