>Thursday at the Mod Club; Monday December 7, 2009

>I have liked Thursday since the tenth grade. They’re a band who I latched on to just after their album War All the Time Came Out and to this day that album remains one of my favourites. I remember the first time I saw them was at the Kool Haus with Poison the Well and Spitalfield, where it was sold out and packed to edges of the venue. My favourite part of that show was when they played “Jet Black New Year” and the countdown confetti fell from the ceiling. It was an incredible touch that I still think to and that they’ll probably never ever do it again. Fortunately, they do play that song quite often.

Lead singer, Geoff Rickly’s voice is all there. When he was younger he was always pitted for being ton deaf. Naturally, they called him Tone Geoff for his bad voice and horrible pitch. I noticed this gig, when he was sitting on notes his voice went ridiculously flat. Despite that, his voice sounds fine, it’s strong and it definitely has improved. When I saw them at the Kool Haus earlier this year I thought the sound was really terrible and his voice sounded very bare. It felt more full this time.

I got to the gig late – it was a really early show. I came in to a pile of new shows I didn’t recognise. They eventually played “Division Street” off of War All The Time. I didn’t catch any songs off of Full Collapse, apparently they played a song off that album before I stumbled in. I have this feeling it was their louder tune “Paris in Flames,” as I heard someone mutter it before I got in. I also apparently missed, a couple of songs off of War All the Time as well… They played “Signals Over the Air” later on in their set too and the only other song they played that I knew was “Jet Black New Year” as the closer.

This show was bare, something was very wrong with it. The band hadn’t dragged many people out to the show, the Mod Club was empty. As soon as I walked in, I felt like I was seeing one of my favourite bands at a tiny venue. The most pit was only four guys and a girl, and I kept seeing struggling crowd surfers form and kick people in the three or four rows of people in front of them.

Jet Black New Year by Thursday

Doesn’t Sean MacKay look like Geoff Rickly??

3 thoughts on “>Thursday at the Mod Club; Monday December 7, 2009

  1. >Funny I should stumble across your blog in my Google searches again. I remember this show, it was intense. Dillinger Escape Plan went absolutely haywire and the first half of Thursday's set was great. I still have a drumstick from this show. I can't remember it being flat, but that's my horrible memory working in overdrive. Did you catch Thursday's Full Collapse show at the Phoenix over the weekend? Much more receptive and an unbelievable performance.

  2. >I'm a little afraid to re-read this one. It's not a brilliant piece of work. But I think we're mixing up gigs. I remember feeling very let down by the gigs at the Mod Club and the Kool Haus (2009, Taste of Chaos). The gig at the Kool Haus in 2004 was one of the best shows of my life, right next to Brand New February 6, 2004. Now, that was the best show of my life.

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