>Elliott Smith

>Elliott Smith is an artist I would have loved to see live. His catalogue is so perfect.

I really dipped into ‘XO’ in 2009 – it’s a really fanstic album. Most songs have a full-band arrangement.

“Independence Day” for the intro.

“Waltz #2 (XO)” for the ascending guitar line that repeats throughout which sounds even more magnificent recorded. He can’t really capture it live with just his guitar.

And I stumbled on this non-‘XO’ tunes that made me really happy:

“Stupidity Tries” on Letterman
And the Good Will Hunting theme song – “Angeles”

>Rocky Votolato is coming to Toronto!

>I feel old. I saw Rocky Votolato six years ago, March 9, 2004 with the Get Up Kids and Recover. Two bands that I had the opportunity to see again after that gig.

What a line up. I barely knew any of the artists but I was smart enough to be at that show. I fell for Rocky Votolato after he played his last song – “Suicide Medicine”. He fully won me over when I heard the line – “Looks like it’s over please remember all of the things that I never got a chance to say. Like you look smashing in your fourth grade picture in house that looks so beautiful in our little home”. I’m a total suck. He’s on Barsuk – the same label that Death Cab started out on and Chris Walla produced one of his albums for sure. He has all the pieces to be big but he hasn’t broken even the surface. Which i’m totally OK with because HE’S PLAYING THE DRAKE. Last time round which was nearly three years ago he played the El Mocambo. Regretfully, I had to give up my tickets to play on my school baseball team.

I’m quite excited for this show.

>Tegan and Sara

>I’ve never been a huge fan, but So Jealous is still one of my favourite albums to listen to from start to finish.

Finding albums that are quality all the way though his hard to find. Unless you’re looking at the Beatles’ collection.

>Fionn Regan

>I first learned about Fionn Regan on a limb. I found his name in an advertisement of Now for upcoming shows. He played the Rivoli, probably three years ago and won me over completely.

When he played his first single “Be Good or Be Gone” off his album The End of History, he stopped singing to let people join in. No one sang, and he said over his playing “This is where you guys are suppose to sing”. Everyone joined in after and enjoyed this moment of the newly emerging artist.

He came back shortly after that show, either later that year or a year later and played the Horseshoe. We’ve yet to cross paths again, I really hope he plans another tour.

Regan is from Ireland, go figure with a good Irish name like Fionn.

>Brushing Up

>I find I don’t brush my teeth nearly as long as I should. So in keeping up with personal hygiene I devised a plan that includes music and a lot of dancing – That’s brushing my teeth to a ’60s pop song each time.

’60s pop songs are distinct because they’re very short and upbeat.

Here are a few suggestions on my end:



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJSe9dBjtf0 (my favourite opening credit)

>Piers Faccini

>Is it pathetic to find new artists from watching Grey’s Anatomy. I guess it compensates for the sobfest, chick flick television that I’ve been comsuming my life with.

Piers Faccini is not young, he’s pushing forty and has the raw sound of a twentysomething heartbreaker with an acoustic guitar. He reminds me of Alexi Murdoch, the heart and soul of the movie Away We Go.

I hope he tours soon, I wouldn’t mind seeing him at a tiny venue like the El Mocambo.



and just to legitimise him, La Blogotheque is all over him too: http://www.blogotheque.net/Piers-Faccini,3483

>Johnathan Rice on Grey’s Anatomy


In the last few minutes of this Grey’s Anatomy episode Johnathan Rice’s tune “The Acrobat” was played to tie the whole episode together. It’s really nice to know the song has a shelf life of over four years.


Here’s a great live rendition of the tune, he’s pretty young here!:

and because I can laugh at myself for liking this stuff: