>Real Estate again!

>I’m really like Real Estate. I am however hungover the fact that I could have saw these guys at the El Mocambo with Girls this summer but opted to just catch the headliner.

I feel like I am missing a lot skipping openers but there’s something really lousy about standing in a busy venue for two or three hours. I used to do it all the time in high school, it’s so much less glamourous now.

>Whip It!

>Whip It! was Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut. Barrymore has a type of movie – the romantic comedy with a dose of humility. Given – her past films like Fever Pitch, Never Been Kissed and Fifty First Dates. This film, Never Been Kissed aside is definitely one of my favourite of the Barrymore series.

The soundtrack really popped out at me. Upon hearing Little Joy’s “Unattainable” in the first romantic scene and Jens Lekman’s “Your Arms Around Me” for a following one – I couldn’t help but think where all these great songs came from. I easily figured out the Little Joy tune – as Drew for a long period dated the Strokes’ Fabrizzio Moretti – who is also one of the three members of Little Joy. The tune is dominated by the lone woman of the group – Binki Sharpiro. The album was even pulled out and glorified by Page’s love interest actor Landon Pigg.

http://reelsoundtrack.wordpress.com/2009/10/11/whip-it-songs/ (here’s a full track listing)

I realised that Kristen Wiig was also in Adventureland.

and Andrew Wilson is yet another acting Wilson brother.

Drew likely met Jimmy Fallon, who plays the slime ball announcer, while making Fever Pitch.

It makes me want to join the Toronto Roller Derby!

>Second Chances

>Everything deserves a second chance. I adore the new Beach House album and I think it is my favourite release of 2010 so far. Although, in all honesty I haven’t really touched many new releases. I’m looking forward to hearing the new Collett and Zeus albums.

Right now when I have to take a break from Beach House – I have been listening to Talking Heads’ “This must be the place (Naive Melody)” from the DVD Stop Making Sense by Johnathan Demme. Definitely running music.