>"For No One" by the Beatles

>I’m having one of those moments I so often have where I think of the Beatles catalogue retrospectively and my mind explodes. It’s really remarkable to consider just how much material the Beatles have put out, the progression of the band and the quality of the music.

I decided to listen to the ream of Elliott Smith Beatles covers… The one that stuck out to me in part because of it’s superior quality was the tune “For No One”. It’s really cute that he tries to fill in the beautiful french horn solo with his careless voice noodles.

This is a lovely break-up song… from the beginning lyric: “Your day breaks, your mind aches, you find that all the words of kindless linger on when she no longer needs you.” It clocks in at two minutes, the Paul McCartney specailty. Although Elliott’s cover brings charm I don’t think anything can top the timeless charm and simplicity of the Beatles version.

Apparently, the song’s original titled was slated to be “Why Did It Die?” John and George made no contributions musically to this track, while McCartney played the clavichord, piano and bass with Ringo on the drums. The French horn bit was performed by a fellow named Alan Civil, which more than likely made his career. Ironically, the song was credited as a Lennon/McCartney, but as always incredibly easy to distinguish.

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