>Brand New

>It’s funny to see a band’s progression. I began liking Brand New in 2003 when their big wave of fame first went through. I’m really not sure if I caught the polished new Brand New, or back when they had edge…

Edge (around 2002). You’ll notice the mic tossing an Adam Lazarra thing to do. Brand New use to be rough, especially with their release of ‘Your Favourite Weapon’. This video is of a Taking Back Sunday – I don’t want to even imagine the camera that it was taken on. Jesse Lacey makes an appearance. It’s funny to watch the raw energy and youth that these guys had:

>Andre Ethier

>Andre Ethier has to be one of the most original artists to come from the Toronto music scene. I know that’s saying a lot because artists like Timber Timbre and Ghost Bees are also equally ‘different’ and ‘ground breaking’. But Ethier has a different kind of energy that is lost in older, more timeless sounding tunes.

I first found him on the soundtrack for the flop Canadian film ‘Everything’s Gone Green’. His tune “Little Saddy” was sort of the uplift of the entirely Canadian soundtrack I was more or less already familiar with.

>Radiohead’s "Banana Co."

>I am by no means the biggest Radiohead fan. I completely lucked out two years ago in scoring great seats for their gig at the Molson Amphitheatre.

I grew up with ‘The Bends’ because of my brother’s stellar taste in ’90s alternative music. I dabbled with ‘OK Computer’ and completely immersed myself in ‘In Rainbows’.

The real gems that I managed to find were the b-side tracks they released with their deluxe re-issues a year or two ago. The most recent find is the song “Banana Co,” a b-side from ‘the Bends’. It’s a short, short tune that sounds a great deal like their work in the mid-’90s.

It’s a must must hear:






>I first heard this band on one of my Dad’s crazy hunts for a band’s entire discography on CD.

I managed myself to get copies of ‘No Dice’ and ‘Straight Up’.

They’re definitely one of those bands that you probably don’t know off hand by name, but would know a tune if you heard one. They’re often pitted as a Beatles rip off band – even though they hail from Wales, rather than Liverpool. Additionally, McCartney produced some of their work. So I suppose that overlapping is acceptable in this case.

Even though the band wasn’t that incredible. I can give them credit for solid hits, great ’70s hair and fabulous album artwork.

I am really impressed by anyone my age who knows this band.

Reasons why I love Badfinger:

“No Matter What” –