>RIP Musa

>Yesterday afternoon I was making my way to Mississauga and I found my streetcar was incredibly derailed and a bit off its normal route.

There were two accidents yesterday affecting the Spadina streetcar. The first being a power shortage at Spadina and College. The second was a massive fire at Euclid and Dundas, the home of my favourite restaurant, Musa. At the time I wasn’t aware of the latter…

Musa was a skip away from my last digs. It was the place I took comfort in finding a quiet eat on a Monday night, or an incredibly crowded breakfast on a Saturday. I pretty much always ordered the same two dishes. 2010 marked their nine year anniversary.

I’m almost certain the owner was also a neighbour of mine last year at the Palmerston house. It’s a real shame, the building itself was 120 years old.

Musa was also the place where I was pleasantly surprised by their musical selection. I would often year Nancy Sinatra’s cover of Cher’s “Bang Bang” or selections from Velvet Underground’s ‘Loaded’. Or my personal favourite, near and dear to my heart, Elliott Smith’s ‘Figure 8’.

I hope they get their feet on the ground soon. I could really go for a chili chicken right now!


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