>My Relationship with the Doves

>Have you ever come across a band that you really only like one song by?

That’s the English rock band the Doves for me. “Meet Me at the Pier” is one of my favourite songs but i can’t dip into the bands other material.

This has to be one of the coolest sounding songs of the last decade!

>This week in Purchases

>I bought two cds this week –

A Collection of Sam Cook’s hits and Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town.’ The latter was inspired by the documentary I saw at TIFF just a week prior. I realised what a fox Springsteen is and how he mastered that classic American Apparel look thirty years before.

This iconic shot should make its way onto Nerd Boyfriend.

>Neil Young

>Neil Young has been in the back of my brain for a month or so now. But I have decided, despite his wealth of older material, I’m going to grab his much newer album ‘Harvest Moon’ someday very soon.

The tunes “Harvest Moon” and “Unknown Legend” make my heart skip a few beats faster.

>TIFF comments, an ongoing thing.

>I am writing a bit for my friend’s brilliant online magazine ‘Steel Bananas.’ The article will focus on TIFF, i’m thinking rather than espousing reviews for films that won’t break the surface for another year, I will write something on the tricks of the festival for the frugal film goer.

Upon doing some research, I have stumbled upon some pretty kookie articles. First, out of the New Yorker is a Toronto hot spots guide… Now I have a finger on the pulse of Toronto’s hot spots and this my friend, is not a good reflection of that.

>Cameron Crowe’s ‘Elizabethtown’ & Jim James

>I just watched ‘Elizabethtown,’ the 2005 film by Cameron Crowe. It for the last five years has been a film I watch once a year, nothing impressive. But upon my watch this time around, I noticed a familiar face. It was Jim James of My Morning Jacket. He plays in the fabricated band ‘Rukus.’ In the film they do a cover of Lynryd Skynrd’s “Freebird,” which he produced for the film’s soundtrack. Throughout the film he even has a few small wordless cameos.

I also stumbled upon an album by Ryan Adams, titled ‘Elizabethtown Sessiions.’ These tunes were roughly put together and recorded rather quickly in the studio for the purpose of the film.

>’Let the Right One In’

>Watching spooky movies late a night isn’t a great idea. The film ‘Let the Right One In’ scared me like crazy. I know, I’m about two years late on this one…

Interestingly, the Swedish film’s name ‘Let the Right One In’ was drawn from a Morrissey song titled “Let the Right One Slip In” (1992) and the old vampire folklore that states that vampires cannot enter a house unless invited.

Just writing about this gives me the willies.