Toronto, New Year, New Landfill

Landfill and waste removal is such a perplexing topic. The whole issue of siting waste is a serious problem that tight urban cities like Toronto really struggle with. The barebones of the issue here is that:

Toronto has no room for their garbage, thus they have to outsource their waste to areas outside the borders of the city.

I tried to write a paper in my last year of university that focused on this statement and also on the premiss that it was not okay to do so. But it started to get sticky because let’s all be honest here, what other options are there for Toronto’s trash?
This was a question that David Miller had to address many years ago, when they were probably just half way through their contract with Carleton Farms Landfill in Michigan. January 1, 2011, all of Toronto’s solid waste was redirected to Green Lane Landfill, which is located in between St. Thomas and London, ON. April 7, 2007, the City of Toronto purchased the 129.7 ha space, with only 71.2 ha approved for landfilling at this time. The reality of this situation is that:
Toronto has purchased land outside of the city to throw out your solid waste.

The article that I posted yesterday raised a fabulous argument on the colour of our waste bags. Black is for garbage, clear is for recycling. We are hauling around some kind of shame for our refuse, or solid waste that we don’t want to share with other people.

In reporting this to my cheeky London living Aunt, she challenged me by asking me: “now, is that really a good thing?”
I replied, with hesitation: “No, I suppose it isn’t”
She had won.


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