‘These Come From Trees’

You’ve seen it before! I know you have. This is an image of the infectious little sticker, that is available for purchase online, to evoke further thought and thinking. I originally didn’t know how I really felt about it because I am very against public defacing and vandalism, but what is the real harm in these little tabs. They’re not as trashy as tagging and they almost look as though they were a part of the bathroom. People normally insert them on a paper dispenser of some sort, toilet paper, paper towel etc. Look out!
I feel no inclination to buy them myself, just because I do see the value in 20 stickers for five bucks. But if these puppies are really doing what they say they are, then maybe five bones isn’t that bad. It sort of reminds me of the ‘Where’s Willy?’ stamps you see on dollar bills. Again, not sure if I agree with defacing money…


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