Waste Resolution #2: Buy Less, Keep Less

Buy Less, Keep Less

I grew up lost in stuff. This is a result of a vicious combination of my Mother’s love of shopping and my Dad’s immense sentimental value for stuff.

Something that has really made me aware of the potential to change is living with others as well as moving frequently. I have moved four times in three years.
Three things that I buy very effortlessly is music, movies and books. Great things, but I have to find a healthy medium.
I’m hoping in a big move across the country I can really sever my ties with my stuff.
I will make a few more comments on stuff in the days to come. It’s a real rich untouched field that I don’t think is properly addressed in the Reality TV Drama Hoarders.
This is the den I grew up in. I am puckering up to my Grandfather and my bro is looking quite pensive.

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