>Coachella 2011: aftermath three, The National

>I think the song “Fake Empire” without even noticing it throughout the festival is my song to summarise the Coachella festival experience. In listening to this very stripped down version of the tune recorded for QTV (go CBC go!) I got the chance to listen to the vibe of the song.

The National possessed this incredible vitality that few bands really had. I’m certain it was formed by a vicious combination of the atmosphere of the festival, the people around me and the band’s immaculate live sound.

For a band I got into less than two weeks before the festival, they’ve won my heart over very quickly. I’m just sorely sorry to say I just got into this band considering they’ve been around for quite a few years now.

I can tell they have a pretty predictable performance, same floppy leaps down to the crowd during “Mr. November,” but there’s something really wonderful about seeing a well-rehearsed band that has some kind of indie edge to them.

“I wish that I believed in fate, I wish I didn’t sleep so late”

The National were definitely a memorable performance of the weekend. There were a group of guys behind me, hanging on to every word, raising their hands in their air with excitement and anticipation of a few lines in a song. I can’t wait to find myself so well acquainted with their music too very soon.

No CDs by the National acquired as a wonderful friend gave me their entire discography a few weeks ago. The deciding factor for a purchase will be the artwork included within the album. Gosh, I love how my brain works.


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