>Coachella 2011: aftermath five, Gayngs

>As much as I adore Bon Iver, I never really got into Gayngs.

Gayngs sites their musical inspiration as the song “I’m Not In Love” by 10cc. I only know 10cc because tehy used “I’m Not In Love” in the Virgin Suicides soundtrack, other that that they’re completely lost to my ears. Soft rock tunes are not really my cup of tea, but I’ve gotta hand it to the guys, they really knew how to showcase these tunes live. 

Actually a great tune:
Gayngs is comprised over twenty five musicians, most notably – Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. I was completely floored to see the chubby, unattractive Har Mar Superstar enter the stage. Much to my surprise, he’s actually one of the twenty five in the band. Despite his troubling exterior, Har Mar has an incredible vocal range and a special aptitude for the soft songs. He did a killer rendition of “One More Try” originally sung by George Michael. He completely melted all the girls around me, all the while, I told them the story about Har Mar plucking his pubic hairs and tossing them into the row in front of me at a past gig. He walked on stage with a large towel draped over his back as though he was little red riding hood. Really dressed to the nines, from his previous appearance.

There’s a certain confidence to Gayngs, without a doubt they have a serious following. I was surprised as their album never resonated with me or anyone else I knew. I didn’t even know there was a good market for this kind of music. 
The big following sported the Gayngs logo formed with two hands. A band member would do the sign every few minutes, evoking a large response of signs from the crowd.
I enjoyed it enough to buy the album.

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