>Fiona Apple ‘Extraordinary Machine’

>Time travel back five years to 2005, Fiona Apple’s beautiful, offbeat masterpiece Extraordinary Machine was released. This was another record store record, I only knew it because it was played over and over to the point where I just bought the damn thing.

Goes to show you can force yourself to like things.

But really, in all honesty, you probably like or at very least remember Fiona Apple’s seductive song “Criminal” which sort of served as her one break the seal hit. I was around eight years old when it was released, Fiona was only nineteen years old! It’s pretty remarkable that a young thing could produce such a sophisticated, mature album.

It’s really funny how you remember these old music videos from a child’s perspective and them come to revisit them years later. Although the music video is near obsolete, I still love it, it serves as a complete companion for the song itself. I need that extended listen.

Nostalgia aside, listen to Extraordinary Machine. It’s totally wacky, in true Fiona Apple style.



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