>Woody Allen `Midnight In Paris`

>I`m pretty thrilled to see Woody Allen`s new film Midnight In Paris. Beyond the fact that it takes place in Paris, France, I`d just like to point out how creative Woody Allen really is. He has an almost French imaginitive feel when it comes to his writing and direction.

In the last few years, I`ve really taken to French New Wave cinema, real-life films with big imagination and happy excitement. There`s something really lovely about all the old Truffaut and Godard films that have no colour, but are so full of life. Which makes Pierrot le fou all the more exciting, because it had colour.

I just watched the François Ozon film Potiche, or The Trophy Wife. A relatively light film that stars French classic vedettes – Catherine Denueve and Gerard Despardieu. By it`s finish, I couldn`t help but think about how different French cinema is from North American. North American film is so predictable and simple minded. The French have fun, they accentuate the oddities and complexities of life in a way that North American film could never do.

My word on Woody was that he, a New York native, does push the envelope significantly. His films often harp on people`s flaws, he essentially magnifies human flaws. For that, I really love all that Allen does – people are imperfect and make poor choices. I may be so bold to argue that North American film portrays a false “perfect“ image of people. Don`t get me wrong, Allen casts the prettiest of pretty people in his films, but they all have their flaws.

I`m really looking forward to seeing his new film `Midnight In Paris.` Beyond the all-star cast, I look forward to seeing a non-New York Woody Allen film. I swear, I can`t keep up with this man, he`s on a one a year cycle. Film factory.

Also, a cute thing to point out is that on the Woody Allen filmography page, there are three boxes that serve to filter out what his role in the films listed have been. Writer, Director and Actor, the majority he has done all three, Allen truly is an auteur.

It`s also sort of interesting to note, his most recent films he hasn`t acted in. I guess being in your seventies has it`s downfalls…


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