>Sondre Lerche

>I first dipped into Sondre Lerche about seven years ago when I was leaving through the clearance stock at the old record store I used to work at. The Don`t Be Shallow EP was only five dollars, a total steal!

I picked it up initially because I thought he was a total babe!

Well, nearly seven years later, I have had each and every one of his releases and have had the pleasure of seeing him three times. He`s playing a gig in Toronto on Tuesday and I can`t seem to shake the excitement. It`s going to be an awesome show, his first full-band performance in Toronto since 2007. He`s great on his own, but the full-band sound is absolutely untouchable.

Lerche keeps releasing albums and I can`t keep up. It`s technically only his sixth full-length release, but if you consider all of the other albums he`s dropped with EPs, he`s probably closer to something like ten.

I am absolutely in love with his new album`s front. My normal instinct with a new album is to hate it, especially if i`m going to have to see them in two days (and they`ll play new stuff galore). But I`m totally feeling this new album, I think this show is going to be pretty spectacular.

He`s also started his own record label called Mona Records, after his wife model, Mona Fastvold.

… I just stumbled upon a new Air Canada commerical on YouTube, ads galore now and Sondre Lerche was used. They pulled a song off of his much underrated album Duper Sessions.


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