>Canada Post, Bon Iver and this month in magazines

>Can I say how lucky we are to have a functioning Postal Service? (So important I felt the need to capitalise)

Hooray for Canada Post to be back in action. I was greeted on my way to work by a large package – the new Bon Iver album. I was a little late for work, so I grabbed it and opened it on the drive to work.

It has really taken all of me not to buy this album even though I had purchased it already through the Jagjaguar website. I only technically am a week behind all you Bon Iver addicts.

Yesterday, in sheer anticipation, I purchased the new Spin and Rolling Stone magazines. Fab covers with fab articles, these have to be some of the best music magazine issues that I’ve stumbled upon in a while. It’s really odd to see Bon Iver on the cover of Spin. My friend Nicole was right in posting

Nicole Bakker posted to Kimberley Stemshorn

umm skinny love was on grey’s tonight. prepare for him to be huge.

September 26, 2008 at 12:22am

Bon Iver, aka Bon Iver has become a serious household name. Absolutely ridiculous. I am so happy to say that I have seen Bon Iver twice at a tiny dive like Lee’s Palace before seeing him at the Sound Academy.

My first real listen to Bon Iver is happening as I type. I love it to pieces already. It’s so different from For Emma Forever Ago.

Review to follow this evening. I can’t wait to give you my two cents.

Also, in talking about the Canada Post and how much I use our national mail service, please check out the following:

Send More Mail 
Kid Icarus

I’ve felt so inspired to write letters since stumbling upon these two lovely Toronto-based outlets.

>Dear Alex: "Girl In Port" Okkervil River

> Please listen to the lyrics of this song, they’re just so lovely (and tragic).

Oh, I’m a weak and lonely sort
Though I’m not sailing just for sport
I’ve come to feel
Out on the sea
These urgent lives
Press against me
I’m just a guest
I’m not a part
With my tender head
With my easy heart
These several years out on the sea
Made me empty, cold, and clear
Pour yourself into me

>Free Show: Sarah Harmer, Serena Ryder and the Skydiggers Saturday July 16 at Centre Island

>Summer in Toronto is made especially lovely for the free outdoor show series. So far, they’ve more or less just been at Harbourfront, but I’m happy to say that they’ve extended it to a free show on Centre Island.


Alas, I’ll be in Chicago at this time, but I’d really love to see Sarah Harmer live. Can you believe I haven’t seen her yet?

I sure can’t.

>Aretha Franklin vs. The Glenn Miller Orchestra

>Better planning may have cut my Friday June 24 evening a little differently. Tomorrow, I’m taking my Grandpa to go see the Glenn Miller Orchestra at Roy Thompson Hall.

Sadly, Aretha Franklin, at the very same time, is playing a free Toronto gig as a part of TD Jazz Festival!!!!!

You can really feel Franklin’s youth in this video, she just sounds young:

>On Bon Iver

>So folks, I’m getting around to listening to the big heavy hitter album of the year. Bon Iver’s self-titled beauty, released on Tuesday.

I’m a little behind due to the Canada Post strike, which still has yet to be resolved. I purchased the album online, so I figure it’s stuck at some transfer node somewhere in the province. Shucks.

I will probably wrap my ears around it before the week ends though. The people in my life are loving it, but I can’t help being blown back to 2008’s For Emma, Forever Ago. The real fact of this album was that it really was Forever Ago. I first got wind of it in December of 2007, when a boyfriend at the time told me about a show he was debating on going to at the Horseshoe. About two months later I fell hard for not my boyfriend at the time, but Bon Iver. The boy and I broke up shortly afterwards, no correlation.

NPR is hot. Tons of great old Bon Iver videos and shows if you`re feeling slightly nostalgic like myself.