>On Bon Iver

>So folks, I’m getting around to listening to the big heavy hitter album of the year. Bon Iver’s self-titled beauty, released on Tuesday.

I’m a little behind due to the Canada Post strike, which still has yet to be resolved. I purchased the album online, so I figure it’s stuck at some transfer node somewhere in the province. Shucks.

I will probably wrap my ears around it before the week ends though. The people in my life are loving it, but I can’t help being blown back to 2008’s For Emma, Forever Ago. The real fact of this album was that it really was Forever Ago. I first got wind of it in December of 2007, when a boyfriend at the time told me about a show he was debating on going to at the Horseshoe. About two months later I fell hard for not my boyfriend at the time, but Bon Iver. The boy and I broke up shortly afterwards, no correlation.

NPR is hot. Tons of great old Bon Iver videos and shows if you`re feeling slightly nostalgic like myself.

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