Real Estate with Dent May at the Garrison; Tuesday July 19, 2011

Sweltering weather lately, but I’m certain I can take the heat.

Real Estate has been the closest thing to a beach that I’ve come across in a while. Listening to Real Estate is a gulp of fresh air, completely refreshing and easy and their live show is no different by any means. I have to hand it to them, they had my love from the first song they played.

I saw one bit of their set at the end of 2010 with Deerhunter, I unfortunately got to the set about three quarters of the way through, missing nearly the entire thing.

A few things I noticed this go around:

Real Estate’s vocals really don’t matter

My friend made a comment about how there needs to be more vocals all around, at the show as well as on the album. I sort of like that you can’t really hear the vocals, it’s really the subtle guitar noodling that I adore.

Musicians are normal people too

During Dent May’s set, my friend pointed out the bassist from Real Estate standing next to me. The slightly overweight bassist was wearing a worn out t-shirt with lazy pants and black runners that you’d picture on your grandfather. To top it off, he finished his look with a run down, label-less baseball cap. I couldn’t help but think this guy looks more like a guy that would deliver a pizza than deliver sweet bass lines. I hate to draw these stereotypes but I suppose that’s what the media has done to me. Needless to say, he was pretty awesome on stage.

Mid-length shorts are in for guys

It’s really freaking hot out, but I couldn’t help but notice all the guys wearing mid-length shorts, cut three or four inches above the knee. Only on skinny things though, not a full-guy look.

I really have to give it to Real Estate, they really took my concert filled weekend. I had the opportunity to see them on Sunday in Chicago, but I passed it up. I wouldn’t want to take a double shot of them in three days and I’m certainly glad I didn’t, but I feel incredibly luck to have seen them at the Garrison. The Garrison is very quickly becoming my favourite venue to see shows at… It’s pretty small and resembles a rec room, making for the perfect intimate show.

Funny enough they played last year’s Pitchfork, but not this even though they were in town… I guess they aren’t hot enough for Pitchfork.

Real Estate’s lead singer Martin Courtney used to be in Titus Andronicus.

Just a few words on the openers Dent May:

I am a huge fan of this group, they’re fun and adventurous. Their sound is very Traveling Wilburys, the first thing I thought of when I heard their fusion between acoustic guitar and synthesizer.

I’m really glad I saw Dent May live before hearing them recorded, because I think I enjoy their live show more than their recorded. It’s not that they sound any different, but rather they just come off so good in their live set, it doesn’t seem like a sound they could duplicate live (but they did).

So, I just learned that Dent May is actually the lead singer’s name. He’s from Mississippi.

I really enjoyed his very smooth, summer sounds – loaded with harmonies, keyboards and light dance inspired coos.

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