Pitchfork preamble two: Destroyer

Day two, 5:15pm at the Red Stage I will be simmering to the cool grooves of Dan Bejar.

Kaputt has to be one of the most beautiful albums for its front cover. Sadly, I didn’t return the sentiments to the album’s music.

Fortunately, after a quick re-listen… I’ve really started to like the song “Blue Eyes”.

This album is real slick.

Things from the past seems to be a theme across the bands playing Pitchfork, Destroyer seems to put on a really constructive, revitalised spin on it. Thank goodness!


My new home

Welcome me warm to my new home at WordPress. My original plan is to completely convert this into a website – wholeheartedly.

Some really exciting things in music:

Ted Leo at the South Street Seaport as a part of 4Knots Music Festival kickoff. How cute is that little nugget at the show, she was dancing for a good chunk of two songs. My first time seeing Ted Leo, it’s pretty badass that it happened in New York. Betcha you can’t  top that!

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Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend in Chicago.

>Bon Iver, ‘Bon Iver’

>I have tried to write about this album about ten times in the last week. I’ve felt a mixture of inspiration and wryness because I just know my opinions on each song are most certainly going to change with each listen.

I thought of the term onion music last night because there’s just so many layers to the album. With each listen your peeling away a layer to reveal something new.

I stumbled upon a great review of the album done by Rolling Stone, track-by-track, very similar to my song-by-song series on this very blog!

I’ll be sure write some more when I get closer to the core of it all. Or maybe as I just go along.

>Pitchfork Preamble one: James Blake vs. Neko Case

>Alright, so I’ve broken down day 1 of the festival and I pretty much know what I’d like to see.

My favourite discovery of the evening has been Guided By Voices. I’m a devout fan already, I can’t wait to grab two of their albums tomorrow.

I’m sort of crossed between James Blake and Neko Case as they have conflicting schedule times. I’m leaning towards Neko, although James Blake has some serious hype following him.

NEKO it is.

Get ready, I’m feeling totally inspired by Pitchfork Music Festival. The line-up is very Pitchfork friendly and I don’t know many of the acts. But I’m about to have a serious education and last minute cram so I make sure I miss nothing at all. Please keep posted, would ya?

>Open Roof Festival featuring The Darcys and the film ‘Beauty Day’; Thursday June 30, 2011

>I have to give it to the last day of June, it was quite possibly the most lovely evening of my summer yet. It’s just one of those evenings you can’t really plan, but rather they just sort of happen on their own. This will certainly go down as one of those amazing evenings.

My best pal and I made a very last minute decision to go to the Open Roof Festival, something I put off last year because I discovered it wasn’t actually held on a roof. Rather, it’s in the back lot of the Amsterdam Brewery on Bathurst just south of Front. Their name isn’t entirely off, there is no roof at this venue.

It was made an especially perfect evening because of the weather – a lovely 21 degrees Celsius, perfect for the summer dress. Nicole and I, dressed to the nines took on Toronto.

There was something real surreal about watching a film in the middle of the city buzz.

The Darcys went on around half past eight, the whole idea of these Open Roof sessions is to show the movie right at dusk, so bands kind of leisurely go one with enough time to churn out a few tunes without impeding on the film’s spot. This audience was definitely there for the film over the band. It`s kind of not a good atmosphere for a concert as there are seats and terrible terrain to stand on. I feel like it’s terrible concert etiquette to sit and watch a band, unless that`s the sort of show. People sat and spoke throughout the gig – not a gig I`d like to play myself.

The sound was mediocre to lousy, although loud enough to carry decently, but i’d credit that to the band`s crisp sound rather than the venues good speakers.  The Darcys did not let me down. I was taking Nicole to see the Darcys for the first time since we had first laid ears on them at the Supermarket in 2008. We both thought they were nothing special. It’s really incredible to hear what three years’ll do. Times are a changing and things are looking up for this band.

Trouble is they have yet to release an album. How can a band really explode without any material to support what they`re pushing? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Darcys absolutely need to put an album out, or at very least another EP.

I really love what Zeus has done, they’ve sort of lagged between releasing their legendary album Say Us and a follow-up, but they have released a couple of EPs to satisfy my needs.

I am happy to report that the fourth song in was a new tune I’d never heard before and it sounded fantastic. This band has definitely not lost steam, they’re clearly just being picky with things. I just hope they don’t grow bored of their songs before they actually have a chance to really do well.

Now, moving on to the incredible documentary Beauty Day.

Do you use the term “beauty”? I use it time to time when I describe something really great. After seeing this film, it’ll definitely work its way more into my daily language.

Meet Ralph Zavadil – a totally off-beat, weird looking guy, the original Jackass. Of St. Catharines, ON, Zavadil probably had a tremendously hard time fitting anywhere, because he has a hell of a lot less shame than anyone else. Zavadil made absurd recordings of stunts he did involving himself. Take the most absurd thing you can possibly think of and Zavadil would probably do it. His program The Cap’n Video Show aired from 1990-1995, with what seemed to have a solid following.

I think this documentary was such a hit with the audience is because Zavadil is human. Humanity really bleeds through in the descriptions and interviews of his life. One can really relate to this man in many surprising ways.

The music throughout this film was selected and mostly made by Justin Small and Ohad Benchetrit, both of the Toronto-based band Do Make Say Think. The song “Major Lift” was used throughout the film, kind of a theme-song for Zavadil almost.

It’s always really lovely to see what Do Make Say Think will stick their fingers in.

Further thought:

Do Make Say Think, auteurs?
Documentaries to consider: Jay Reatard doc Waiting For Something and Beauty Day
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