Film: Crazy Stupid Love

Most of my days, I pass my time with music and film. When I tell people what I love, I tell them I love music, film and the environment, in that very order. I secretly (maybe not so secretly) take pride in knowing that what I like the person on the other end of my conversation may not know. Does that make me a culture snob?

In passing, I’ve noticed several articles on low, middle and high brow activities. I know we all sorta wanna be that high brow person with the middle brow nature and low brow guilty pleasures. I’m not a huge fan of categorising these activities, it cheapens it.

So on that note, I’d just like to acknowledge my massive affinity for romantic comedies, maybe a little low brow.

I most recently saw the film Crazy Stupid Love, a film about lost souls finding and refinding love. Indulging in my low brow tendencies, I fall hard for films that make ma laugh, real feel good films. Secondly, hiking me up to maybe high brow status is a good soundtrack, and I can confidently say that Crazy Stupid Love did have a splendid soundtrack. Nothing gets me on the edge of my seat more than a few familiar songs.

I had a really lovely moment while one of the closing scenes was unfolding with the tune “Blood” by the Australian band the Middle East. I had this ping feeling that I recognised the song, but for the life of me I just couldn’t remember who did the song. It got to the point where I sort of hummed it to myself and made the association with the film It’s Kind of A Funny Story where that song got serious play and realised that I knew this song very well. The Middle East actually recorded this song a few years ago, they must be pretty tired of it!


It’s funny to hear songs reworked into a film because they don’t necessarily sound like what they do recorded. I’d love to get into scoring films and soundtracks, it just seems like the perfect job for me!

I can’t tell you how many times a week I tell someone about the three main loves of my life (film, music and the environment) and they ask me why don’t I get involved in the music industry. In response, I simply shurg and explain that I don’t see a job that suits me. Well, this is it. Maybe when I finish grad school I’ll dip my fingers into the film industry, production side.

So back to the subject at hand – Crazy Stupid Love‘s flawless score. I liked it because it was subtle, there wasn’t a band that owned the entire soundtrack and it wasn’t just one genre of music. Sadly, not all the fab music in the film made it to the soundtrack available in stores. For instance, when the credits rolled around Andrew Bird’s “Tenuousness,” a song I wasn’t very familiar with but could tell it was one of his tunes.


Let’s not forget the beautiful use of Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks” in the trailer:


So soundtrack aside, I’d just like to acknowledge a few things about the film itself:

Steve Carell plays depressing characters

Can you name a happy Steve Carell character? I can’t. This role he took on was similar to the paternal role he played in the brilliant film Dan In Real Life. Sad father character, life just not giving you lemons. His role as Michael Scott in The Office was quite possibly the most depressing of all.

Ryan Gosling is a babe

Emma Stone is Hollywood’s new darling

I have read quite a few blurbs on this film and not one even bashed Emma Stone in the slightest. People love her (and I do too!)



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