Chloe Moretz, music videos

Alright, so I never got around to watching Kick-Ass, I guess the hype was a little to high for me to really want to see something. But I think I have just fallen in love with Kick-Ass leading lady Chloe Moretz. First, for being in Best Coast’s video for “Our Deal,” which was directed by Drew Barrymore. Secondly, I found her in a video for the tune “Answer to Yourself” by the legendary New Mexico group The Soft Pack.

The Soft Pack were an on the limb discover this time last year. I made an after hours secret gig during North By North East at the Silver Dollar and saw them completely tear the place up to a smaller audience than I could wish for.

But to speak to the thick of things, two great videos for two great bands, brace yourself –

The Soft Pack play the jocks in this video:

I wish I could embed something here, but all you’ve got is this pesky link. Totally worth the watch, I ADORE this video. Morentz is the prettiest fourteen year old.

This is what I looked at Morentz’s age… Not so Kick-Ass…


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