‘Daydream Nation’ and “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead”

I loved the use of music in the film Daydream Nation. Just watched a trailer for the film (after seeing it) and I noticed an odd take on “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead.” Now, I know it’s not exactly the song, but it certainly is a take on it. There’s no doubt when the song was put together the progression and feel of “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” was in mind.

Oddly enough there already exists an eerie version of “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” done by Final Fantasy on the album Do You Trust Your Friends?


The film also used the very lovely (and underrated) “What the Snowman Learned About Love.” I was absolutely floored when I heard the use of the song!! I bought the first release cover of this album shortly after buying Set Yourself On Fire aroudn the time it came out (2005??). It only cost me a buck!

Gorgeous album opener, great song. Totally offbeat, but completely lovely:


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