Jack Goes Boating, sights and songs

This film marks Philip Seymour Hoffman’s directorial debut.

Hoffman always plays some pretty dominant characters, this film is no exception. It’s not a funny film but there’s definitely a dynamic humour to it. I like how real the film is, there’s a lot of pain, love and humanity to this film. A really significant reason why this film is so human is because it was originally written as a stage play that was later translated to film.

It’s kind of refreshing to go from stage as opposed to book. I feel like most films were a book and I assume in birthing an idea from a book the ideas brush off very differently than if they were drawn from a stage play.

I like the simplicity of this film. A simplicity that other P.S.H. films couldn’t even begin to dream about.

I also really like how the characters are not perfect, completely awkward. Wehn I first start seeing someone I feel like a complete clutz, never a smooth moment. I feel like Jack Goes Boating really captures the flaws and flops of meeting someone new. Similar to the way Garden State and Beginners captured the humanity in their characters.

I love the songs that were used in this film. Hip, current music like Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear and Cat Power. I really hate that I’m an “indie rock” girl, I’d really like to prize myself as being more musically out of the box, but in all truth, that’s really my niche.

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