TIFF ’11 three: ‘Solace in the Dark’

Short, confrontational commentary on the events of the 9/11 and the Toronto Film Festival. I felt very moved by it and happy they included it.

It’s interesting to see the way Director Lucius Dechausay captured it. The picture’s quality was absolutely stunning.

The Globe gave it some flack for highlighting Toronto Star papers specifically and called it mawkish.


One thought on “TIFF ’11 three: ‘Solace in the Dark’

  1. This moved you? It moves me to retch at the TIFFs gall. For them to create this self-congratulatory love letter to themselves, which is ostensibly nothing more than a pronouncement of their bravery for continuing the festival after 9/11, is an absolute affront to everyone who lost their lives exhibiting true bravery on 9/11.

    “It was the hardest day of my professional career.” – The Millionaire CEO of TIFF

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