Andre Ethier with Sandro Perri at the Horseshoe; Friday September 16, 2011

Round two of the evening, I found myself at the Horseshoe Tavern with two very familiar acts. I’ve liked these two Toronto boys for a few years now, especially Sandro Perri, and they just don’t seem to play very many shows. So, whenever Andre Ethier or Sandro Perri show their faces on stage, there’s always a good crowd of hip Toronto regulars – record store clerks, servers at the hippest breakfast haunts and Toronto small show regulars. I suppose it’s kind of comforting to be reminded that Toronto isn’t so big after all.

As much as I hate staying late at concerts, it was really fantastic to be able to see everyone I wanted to see last night. Sandro Perri kicked off the second show of the evening, making my heart beat a little faster with my favourite song titled “Double Suicide.” I couldn’t help but laugh because of all of the memories I have associated with this song. An old housemate walked in on my listening to this song once and made a special trip to tell me it sounded like a dead cat. At the time I took a bit of offense, but now I can’t help but laugh.

I think my ex-housemate’s jaded perspective on Perri’s music is very fitting. His sounds are totally inaccessible, especially off of his earlier albums. It’s pretty weird and I’m pretty astonished I found any pleasure from listening to them. I think what really launched me into Sandro Perri’s music was the album Like Hearts Swelling, released on his alternate moniker Polmo Pompo. The instrumental 13 minute bleeder of a tune “Sky Histoire” is what won me over. I was surprised to find a slightly shorter version with words on Perri’s first solo album.

He played a string of new songs that I didn’t recognise, with the exception of “Double Suicide.” It was a real pleasure to hear tunes that had some life charged into them. I think what made his sound so inaccessible on album Tiny Mirror was that there was so much room and emptiness. It was real nice to hear some lush instrumentation, mostly by means of Eric Chenaux on guitar. I can’t tell you just how many times I passed his album Sloppy Ground, a tan coloured album with a purple and green bulls-eye piece in the middle. I think this gig did it for me, I gotta get his stuff!

check out Sandro Perri here

Andre Ethier was one part of Toronto group The Deadly Snakes who disbanded in 2006. I’ve never really got a good listen to the Deadly Snakes, although I bought an album of theirs with the good intentions of doing so. I found a great home in Ethier’s On Blue Fog and Secondathallam, two albums that I spent a great deal of time with.

I would have killed to have heard the tune “The Best We Ever Had.” I don’t recall ever hearing him play it.

Another forgotten tune is the song “On Lies.” I completely forgot how amazing this tune is, or Andre Ethier is. Serious resurgence to come, time to dust off those CDs.


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