“What’s in my bag?” by Amoeba Records

So, hours and hours later of mind-numbing marking, and the end is nowhere near insight, I stumbled upon this stellar series called “What’s in my bag?” It’s basically a series devoted to celebrities and folks we admire’s audio/visual choices.

As an avid music/movie lover, this series captures everything the people I really respect love.

So here’s a few to get you thinking or in my case, not thinking:

Infinite cool:

Iron & Wine at the Sound Academy; Saturday October 15, 2011

I think Iron & Wine has really become a staple in music these days, his songs have found their way into popular films and TV shows.

Thing is, you can really hear his sound growing and changing, which I love. But I just feel as though he should give more to his audience. I always give gigantic thought to how an artist keeps interested in the same tunes over and over, even if they belong to them. I suppose Iron & Wine is a golden example of someone reinventing their music.

This show was a full-band set up. I have no problem with this, but I could tell people definitely wanted to hear a sound that’s pre-Shepherd’s Dog, lonely guy and his guitar. The crowd on Saturday only got a small taste of that with his performance of “Naked As We Came.”

So, my thoughts of this show really boil down to the fact that Iron & Wine have such an extensive catalog (which is awesome), but neglect to play the songs as we know and love them (which is not awesome).

I remember feeling completely fulfilled at his last gig, a few years back… He closed with his gorgeous marathon song “The Trapeze Swinger”:

Here’s a messy review that I wrote in 2008, a brilliant, brilliant show.

I was also really aching the entire show, so my heart really wasn’t in it.

Shows should never be held at the Sound Academy, the only thing remotely redeeming about this venue is that spectacular view from the docks.