I’m in love with Neil Quinn’s tune “Hello, Tender Love.”

These boys need to put something out soon, as much as I adore ‘Say Us.’ I’m growing a little tired of the same old tunes. They’ve definitely got the material in the pipes.

New Years 2009

So, three years I put together a best of list of the year. On it was Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago. My music loving friend, Sean said the following:

“I tried to like Bon Iver but I wrote more interesting chord progressions when I was 14. The guy is completely talentless when it comes to playing the guitar/writing a melody/being the slightest bit interesting and his voice is extremely grating. I like Wolves, but the rest of the album doesn’t do it for me. Justin Vernon needs to hit puberty and should ask for guitar lessons next Christmas”

I just about died. NO WAY SEAN. I emailed him just now to see if he still agreed with this.

Post is the key word of our times

“The theme of this book is the unremarkable prefix ‘post.’ It is the key word of our time. Everything is ‘post.’ We have become used to post-industrialism now for some time, and we can still more or less make sense of it. With post-modernism things begin to get blurred. The concept of post-Enlightenment is so dark even a cat would hesitate to venture in. It hints at a ‘beyond’ which it cannot name, and in the substantive elements that it names and negates it remains tied to the familiar. Past plus post – that is the basic recipe with which we confront a reality that is out of joint.” (Ulrich Beck, 1992)

Ages ago I wrote about the band Thursday after seeing them play (April 9, 2009):

Perhaps I should have referred to them as “Post-Hardcore”. It almost seems like a genre they give to modern “Punk” bands that they find OK, or a step above the other ones. This band did put out a song called “Ian Curtis”. Tell me what you think, i’m interested….

So keen on figuring out this term “post” that really didn’t have a meaning, but just sort of made it stand out from everything else. If Ulrich Beck can’t figure this one out, I’m hanging my hat up!

Make Your Exit

I first heard this group do a cover of Zeus’ “River by the Garden.”

For the longest time, I thought it was just a series done by Southern Souls, but they’re actually a group.

All their Youtube clips aren’t very polished or perfect by any means, but it’s kind of charming to see that they’re just making music in public spaces. It’s a warm feeling I got seeing a little barber shop group called Spank in Greenwich Village.