Jason Collett at Ebar; Thursday November 3, 2011

Donovan Woods opened, a character I’ve liked for a few years now, but never really gave more than a good month’s of listening to. It was a good surprise to see he was on the bill. He has a new album out but I didn’t end up picking it up. I made it in a little bit through his set, but just in time to hear “Grey Cup Ring” in full.

“Brand New Gun” was always my favourite by him, but didn’t hear it this show:

After all the times I’ve seen Jason Collett, I’d probably consider him a close friend. He’s one of the most alluring live performers I’ve come across. Besides being incredibly good looking, he’s always got such a nice demeanor to him. He story tells in both song and word, so you’re getting more than just his songs.

Even though, I’ve listened to most of his albums through and through, I still get a refreshed feel from his music. This go, he played on his own, I’m going to make bold that’s because his back up band is now doing as well as he is. This look isn’t for everyone, but I can really enjoy just voice and guitar.

He played a good variety of tunes, old and very new. I was really pleased to hear “My Daddy Was a Rock n’ Roller,” the first time I’ve heard him play it and known it through and through. He also played his usuals: “Hangover Days,” “I’ll Bring the Sun” and “High Summer.” Again, all with a completely different feel when played solo.

This was my first time in Ebar, which was kind of a lovely surprise – a very intimate, cozy venue.

Jason Collett’s getting a bit scrappy, with his long wispy hair.


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