New Tennis February 14, 2012

TENNIS! I LOVE TENNIS! I don’t really care much to play it because I really am the worst, but I REALLY ADORE THE BAND.

The drummer of the Black Keys Patrick Carney has produced this masterpiece (I know it already). I’m really excited that this tune “Origins” has a significantly more fuller sound than anything off of ‘Cape Dory.’

I’m seeing Bon Iver at Massey Hall tonight, I hope you are too!


One thought on “New Tennis February 14, 2012

  1. Hi Kim. I sat beside you at Bon Iver last night. You met my son who was treating me for my birthday. Well, the band really upped the ante for concert of the year. That one ranks right up there with the Elvis Costello-Steve Nieve gig, Wilco in 07, old Neil in 71. Nice to talk to someone so passionate about their music. Keep it up

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