In looking into the quirky film ‘Tiny Furniture,’ I stumbled upon the genre “mumblecore”!!!!

GOLD – Mumblecore films are generally set in a post-college milieu, with characters that are typically heterosexual, white, middle class, and in their twenties.[1] These films are typically character-driven, focusing more on relationships than conventional plot points.[2][5] However, a number of films considered to be part of the movement do not conform to this mold. Medicine for Melancholy focuses on African American characters;[9] Bujalski’s Beeswax features characters that are older;[10] and Mark & Jay Duplass’ Baghead utilises a number of tropes from the horror film genre.
Naturalism – both in performance and dialogue – is a key feature of almost all mumblecore films.[2] Many mumblecore films feature non-professional actors;[1][2][5] however, Mark Duplass & Jay Duplass have worked with professional actors on their films Baghead and Cyrus.[8] Some mumblecore films feature a prominent use of improvisation,[2][5] with the cast sharing script credits.[1] However, not all mumblecore films feature significant improvisation. For example, the films of Andrew Bujalski are heavily scripted.[10]
Mumblecore films are general produced with a low or micro-budget and low production values.[5][6] Many of these films are shot digitally;[1][6] however, this is not a defining characteristic. As of July 2011, all of Andrew Bujalski’s films have been shot on film.[10]


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