Real Estate with Babies at Lee’s Palace; Friday January 20, 2012

I was aching to see this show. When I found out it was sold out, I knew I  had to see this band, anyway anyhow.

As the luckiest girl on the planet, I scored the last door ticket with my good pal.

This by far was the best night of the year. Days is one of the loveliest albums of 2011. Real Estate kept up their easy going beach sound but added more complex, directed song written with more lyrics! I think Martin Courtney’s enhanced presence is just spectacular, that and he got some fancy frames which hikes up his babe factor. It was apparently Courtney’s birthday that night, I’m really glad they could spend it with us.

It was really weird to see the shift in concert venue. The last time I saw them headline a show it was at the Garrison, just five months earlier. There was an incredible amount of space at the venue and I bought my ticket at the door. I took heaps of photos of that night. 

The openers Babies were incredible. They have a rough sound that worked in the ninties and since has really dissipated in my time. I really dug them, bought their album. It was the guitarists three year anniversary on the day of the show!

A few comments to past Kim’s humourous post on seeing Real Estate in July 2011:

1. Martin Courtney’s vocals are hotter than ever. Days is all vocals and I’m so grateful for that. I really can’t get enough of the upbeat energy music in conjunction with Courtney’s timid voice. It just works.

2. The bassist is still a total pizza guy in my eyes, but sings! I remember them playing the tune “Wonder Years” and thinking nothing of it back in July. It’s the bassist’s tune for sure! I’m starting to like it more…

3. “Municipality” was played too early. I had my song climax way too early at this show. It’s always funny how the songs you like tend to be loved by others too. I think this song’s a solid example of that.

4. I’d see Real Estate two times in four days given the chance. Passed up the opportunity to see them when I was in Chicago this summer, just a few days before they were playing Toronto. I’d do it.

5. Studio versions can make or break. Days definitely made their live show for me.

6. Toronto loves Real Estate. Despite their last gig being at an open venue without many bodies, it was really crazy to see how much their fan base has grown.

7. I adore Lee’s Palace. I couldn’t remember the last time I was in Lee’s Palace. I adore the place, it’s gotta be one of my favourite venues.



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