CocoRosie “Noah’s Ark”

I don’t ADORE this tune, but it’s pretty amazing to find something I like of this group after years of not liking them.

Thanks to this gal


Zeus “Hello, Tender Love”

This could be the album’s saving grace, the Neil Quin tune “Hello, Tender Love”

The new album Busting Visions drops next Tuesday. Even after a very underwhelming first listen of the album, I’m so stoked to have this tune on my iPod.

Zeus ‘Busting Visions’

NEW ZEUS – Stream a crummy quality of the new one!!!!

Listen to it via the Rolling Stone, no ads just music! Skip to track 9, “Hello, Tender Love”

Album drops tomorrow yipee.


Foster the People

Should I be sick of this song?


Dear Daniel,

Meet Tennis, they’re from Baltimore and they’re in love.

They got hitched and sailed around the eastern coast for their honeymoon… The result was a fabulous album called Cape Dory.

This past February they released the masterpiece Young & Old. You’re heartless if you don’t like this!!!!

“Take Me Somewhere” is off of their old album Cape Dory:

Thanks for checkin’ me out!


Reason #2 Why Guelph Doesn’t Stink: Craig Cardiff and the Albion Hotel

I seem to come across people who know who Craig Cardiff. Perhaps he played at your summer camp ten years ago, or your pal’s living room last week. Cardiff is one hard working fellow that I love to support.

Five years ago he sang to me and ten friends on my nineteenth birthday. I don’t think I’ve seen him since…

This Saturday he’s playing two gigs at the Albion Hotel in Guelph this Saturday March 24, one show at 5 and the second at 7!! In looking for tickets for this event, I came across a tune called “The Albion Hotel” about none other than Guelph’s finest.

Tailor made!



Explosions in the Sky

Proposal crunch time calls for the no vocals –



I’m so excited for May 15… Best Coast’s new album drops

Great album art work!


Alexander Payne’s ‘The Descendants’

One of my favourite movies of 2011 was a late contender as I saw it late lat elate LATE December.

Here’s an NPR show on the legitimate Hawaiian music throughout.

They used four or five Gabby Pahinui songs throughout. Pretty classy stuff.



Beach House “Myth”

OK, I haven’t come across a lift in this song yet, but I’m totally feeling it!!!