Sarah Polley ‘Take This Waltz’


Sarah Polley, Jason Collett and Jenn Grant, gosh it’s good to be Canadian. This film was filmed and set in Toronto! I love how Canadian this film is!!!!! June can’t come any sooner!

Trailer featuring Collett’s “Rave On Sad Songs”:


Trailer featuring Grant’s “Parachutes” – an album that describes my entire year of 2009, because it’s all I listened to!


Mike, Birthday and CoDying

Thoughtful birthday gifts are the best… This is what we did for our friend Mike CoDyre… This was his response…

Coachella three: Bon Iver

In the midst of a final paper and heaps of exam marking, I have to say that I don’t even regret for one second watching almost the entire Coachella Saturday night live stream. I was especially moved by Bon Iver’s lush interpretation of his originally bare “Skinny Love.” Listening to the version I posted below is heaps different than the one that Coachella actually shot as you can hear all the voices of the crowd eating up every single word Vernon espouses.

AND THAT BRIDGE, no instruments, just claps and voice, it just melts my legs.

It really boggles my mind to think about how I’ve been listening to this song for four years and it just keeps getting better!

Coacehalla two: fashion

OK, so as a gal who has been to Coachella, I gotta give these music loving babes some serious credit because they look gorgeous. First off to bust some myths, Coachella is hard work, while you’re not actually doing all that much, you are in the heat for 8 hours a day, running on very little sleep.

I also how no idea these girls wore heels. Comfort all the way for this festival as its on what is usually used for polo sport, not exactly easy moving for footware with heels!


HBO’s new series ‘Girls’

I spent a few days in a house that subscribes to HBO. I could feel my life drastically improving with just its presence!

Here’s a new show by the mumblecore princess Lena Dunham called ‘Girls.’ The show is being produced by Judd Apatow and has been directed, written and stars Lena Dunham It’s about a twentysomething screw up, get ready to relate: