Sasquatch! 2012 aftermath two: The Walkmen

I fell in love hard with the Walkmen in the fall of 2008. In that year, they released the gorgeous, full, hauntingly beautiful album You & Me. I found it so easy to love this band for their fantastic album artwork that feel as though it was inspired by a ’60s dance.

Since 2008, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of seeing the Walkmen four times, Sasquatch! being my fourth. With each time progressing, I feel myself falling into a deeper love and appreciation for them. These guys greeted the windy stage dressed as dapper as ever – button-up shirts topped with dark blazers. Singer Hamilton Leithauser makes me swoon every time with his brash, powerful vocals. A few years ago, I felt incredibly inspired to write something about Leithauser’s vocals – I found myself drawing comparisons to the Killer’s singer Brendan Flowers… I retract that thought, Leithauser is entirely on his own. His vocals are different in that they are completely in your face and unbelievably strong. He’s got an incredibly set of lungs on him.

The band as always were dazzling. The sounds that this band makes to support Leithauser are always so full but quite simple, strongly relying on dominant guitar noodles that you’d swear were made my the keyboard. While I didn’t know most of the set as I really only dove into You & Me of their catalog, I was really happy with their set. Off of You & Me they played “On the Water” and the hopeful anthem “In the New Year”:

If you’re ever so lucky to see the Walkmen live, please don’t pass it by!


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