Jenn Grant (which diverged into Sarah Polley’s film ‘Take This Waltz’)

Gearing up for Hillside and all I can think about is the lovely Jenn Grant who is not playing this year.

Grant’s probably hidden away in all her marital bliss. Interesting enough Grant’s new hubby Daniel Ledwell is in Kathleen Edwards band (who is in fact playing Hillside this year).

I adore creative couples…!!!!

Grant and Ledwell making music

Grant’s wedding photo from this website

Also, the use of Grant’s tune “Parachutes” was used ever so eloquently in Sarah Polley’sTake This Waltz. I was a little crushed not to see it used in the movie. The tune is way too fun to actually be used in the film.

How come ever other country had amazing posters for this film? And ours was mediocre!




I adore this scene, it is definitely my summer inspiration:



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