The National, “Mr. November” and Mr. President

I recently started working at a record store here in Guelph and I soon learned that all my coworkers are either indifferent or they completely detest the National. Now, I get it, Matt Berninger’s vocals are a touch weird. Not everyone’s accustomed to a far reaching baritone… But I think it works. In fact, over the last eight months or so I feel deeply in love with the National’s album High Violet. It’s so rare that I am able to connect so whole heartedly with an album from start to finish.

So hot news with the band these days is that they’ll be “opening” an Obama speech come September 1 in Des Moin, Iowa.

I told myself last year that I will go out of my way to see this band at least once a year.

Obama Is An Honorary National Member

The follow picture is band t-shirt of the National’s tune “Mr. November,” which the band dubbed the President back in 2008.

Mr November

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