On the National…

December 8, 2012 I took a risk to go see the National with Neko Case and Wye Oak at the Air Canada Centre. I don’t really care for the ACC, but I had heard incredibly good things about the National’s live show and I adore Ms. Case in every way possible.

After being completely blown away by their performance and the experience of it all, I on a whim bought tickets for one of their week-long residency at the Beacon Theatre in New York. I managed to get a half decent seat about twenty rows back in the orchestra. The seat wasn’t anything impressive, but it was more than I could ask for just a week before the show. In experiencing a show of their tour so recently, I knew exactly what to expect. For the last tune, I bolted to the front to hear their unplugged version of “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks.” I know, it’s a ridiculous name but the tune is incredibly infectious.

Here’s a funny video of a clever dude in the crowd who took advantage of the silent bits of the performance of that song. It makes me laugh everytime, hell, even thinking about it. It was a few days before my own show –


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