David Bryne and St. Vincent

I have no idea what this combination will sound like. St. Vincent – edgy and strong voiced. David Bryne – pop-rock pioneer.

Pop perfection or pop disaster?

I’m a half a song deep and I’m just not sure.

David Byrne and St. Vincent's new album, Love This Giant, comes out Sept. 11.

information and image courtesy of NPR 


5 thoughts on “David Bryne and St. Vincent

    • I’ve given it a second go. It’s alright… I don’t think St. Vincent is stunning as her solo stuff… I wish she had a bigger part.

      Sounds are kind of outrageous which is fun. Especially that funky tune with the Dap Kings.

      • Must get my ears on Krokodil…. I’m new to St. Vincent, only dipping into Strange Mercy. It however has easily become one of my favourite finds of the year…. And favourite live performances!

      • I have the song Krokodil posted somewhere here on my blog. And there’s another song called “Grot” that’s really good too. Both of the songs are reallyyyyy different than her normal stuff, but it makes her that much more impressive of a musician!

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