New Release: The Soft Pack ‘Strapped’

I’ve gushed about them already today, but I just finished my first full listen of the band’s new album titled Strapped. It hasn’t one my heart over yet, but I figure I just gotta give it a few listens.



May trek out to their gig tonight, but it’s gonna be a squeeze to catch a late bus out there.

Pitchfork writer Aaron Leitko’s pretty bang on in saying:

On their self-titled debutthe Soft Pack proved they could rock out and play it cool at the same time. The Los Angeles-by-way-of-San Diego quartet pitted bombastic rhythms against naive three-note hooks. Even when they got loud, singer/guitarist Matt Lamkin stayed cool and collected, delivering his cynical verses with a mellow slacker poise. The group’s first batch of songs found a comfortable niche between the velocity of its hometown heroes, like Hot Snakes and Rocket From the Crypt, and the slanted melodicism of New Zealand indie rock gurus the Clean.


Likewise, I didn’t get the effortlessly cool vibe that I did from their Self-Titled album. But this album has a saxophone throughout. Perhaps cool pushed too hard.

Stream their new one here.


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