Band of Horses at Massey Hall; Wednesday December 5, 2012

OK, a little quick to the draw here to write about this gig.

I want to leave you with only two things about this show… Actually, three. Actually, four.¬†Actually, five.

ONE — I jump on most, if not all, opportunities to see bands at Massey Hall. I didn’t love the new Band of Horses album but because they were playing Massey Hall, I dropped big bucks on a couple of fine seats. Presales are great things.

TWO — The only let the first three rows enjoy the perks of standing freely at the front, I was the fifth.

THREE — I would have like to have heard “No One’s Gonna Love You” plugged rather than an acoustic duo.

FOUR — Every band who plays Massey Hall pays some sorta homage to Neil Young. These guys did a cover of “Powderfinger.” Props to Steve for catching it. This video’s from another gig ¬†–

FIVE — This is one of my favourite moments of 2012 for the delicate intro:

Gush: The National, Coachella 2011

One of the best experiences of my life was Coachella 2011.

I was at this National gig because so many of my dear friends said they put on the best show they’ve ever seen. After seeing this gig only knowing “Mr. November” I wasn’t in complete awe. There’s something really overwhelming about being exposed to so much. For this gig, the National slipped through the cracks. Now, fast forward eight months to December 2011 in Toronto… LOVE.

It’s funny to think how little I remember this gig but now I can hang on to every word. It’s such a bizarre feeling.

I do remember Berninger introducing “Fake Empire” as their “international smash hit.”

Relive it:


Alright McSweeny’s, I’ve just about had it. I don’t subscribe to the Believer¬†because it costs so damn much just to ship it. But I find the most dazzling tote in the world as part of your ‘Bryne Bundle’ for today but you want $50 for the goods and another $50 just to ship.

Get real, guys!

BUT REALLY, the most amazing tote in the word….