Band of Horses at Massey Hall; Wednesday December 5, 2012

OK, a little quick to the draw here to write about this gig.

I want to leave you with only two things about this show… Actually, three. Actually, four. Actually, five.

ONE — I jump on most, if not all, opportunities to see bands at Massey Hall. I didn’t love the new Band of Horses album but because they were playing Massey Hall, I dropped big bucks on a couple of fine seats. Presales are great things.

TWO — The only let the first three rows enjoy the perks of standing freely at the front, I was the fifth.

THREE — I would have like to have heard “No One’s Gonna Love You” plugged rather than an acoustic duo.

FOUR — Every band who plays Massey Hall pays some sorta homage to Neil Young. These guys did a cover of “Powderfinger.” Props to Steve for catching it. This video’s from another gig  –

FIVE — This is one of my favourite moments of 2012 for the delicate intro:


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