Before Sunrise Franchise

Not the greatest title and an unintended rhyme.

My heart’s in a flurry after watching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset for the very first time in full tonight. After reading this post on one of my favourite blogs, and hearing good praise for the new film in the series titled Before Midnight.

The optimistic part of me said Celine and Jesse did nothing and will finally make a move in the third and final installment. But maybe that’s what the attraction is in this string of films with the same characters. They can’t have each other and in that they’ve idolised each other on a very high pedestal.

I also cannot help to draw reference to my most prized film of 2012, Celeste and Jesse Forever that dealt with similar feelings and sentiments; and just how close the characters’ names are to those in Richard Linklater’s films.

I can’t wait for the new installment. I’m rooting for them to hook up in good conscience in leaving almost a 10 year gap to end all of their relationships in 2004.

Here’s a little teaser of what Ethan Hawke had to say back in the fall about the new film:


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