Rear view Mirror: Productivity, Jason Collett ‘Idols of Exile’

Flashback, eight years.

I was only seventeen and sneaking into concerts and Lee’s Palace. I had an older pal’s ID not for drinking but seeing concerts. My strategy was quite simple, only go to gigs where I could buy tickets at the door… and it worked.

I remember seeing Jason Collett play Lee’s in December of 2005 with my favourite person in the entire world, Nicole. She was a grump and I was super keen. Now superstar KT Tunstall opened up for our hometown hero and the tune “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” immediately perked my good pal up (looping sounds was new to us).

As did Emily Haines’ appearance to sing her bit in the flawless tune “Hangover Days.”

I still love Collett, but nothing will top my recollections and relistens of Idols of Exile. It’s also my productivity mix for today’s work load!



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