Concert Review: Unknown Mortal Orchestra at the Wrongbar; Monday March 4, 2013

Over the last few years, concert reviews have been a bit bare. I’m going to try and give you all a recollection of my concert experiences as best I can this year.

This was my first time going to the Wrongbar. I’d known DJs to do their thing there, but every so often a rock band’ll play there. I think Death Grips played there in 2012, mish-mash really. It was smaller than I had imagined and beer was mega expensive. $8 for a tall can of Rolling Rock…

We arrived just at the end of Foxygen’s set which people seemed to be pretty riled up for. I’ve only given them a few listens, but they’re pushing their new album, so maybe I should get around to listening to it. My only interest for that evening was seeing Unknown Mortal Orchestra, band I had only sunk my teeth into about a month before. Since that moment my co-worker introduced me to the album, I knew I had found something good.

The skinny – Frontman Ruban Nielson hails from New Zealand but transplanted himself to Portland, OR where he met the rest of his band. In listening to Neilson briefly chit-chat, I’m not sure if I would’ve recognised his kiwi roots. The band didn’t talk much but they compensated in their performance. I was absolutely stunned by how polished this three piece was.

By the end of the gig, I grew a bit tired of Nielson’s chopping yelps, but for the sake of an occasional listen, I am totally in love. Steve and I agreed on the way home that the entire band killed it. I rooted for the bassist and Nielson, while he had some appreciation for the bass player.

In a previous review I wrote of their new album, I gushed about their organic sound. A beauty example of this was in the band’s performance of the tune “From the Sun” which all three performers sang it together. I figured they would have employed weird filters to achieve the psych-sound they do so well.

I took away the tune “How Can U Luv Me” from the set of their older catalogue. It’s just a really fun tune with a killer bass line throughout.

These session performances with just Nielson are just fab:

A lower key “So Good At Being In Trouble”

“Swing and Sleep”

New single for “So Good At Being In Trouble” featuring Christopher Mintz-Plasse, aka McLovin’.



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