Night Beds do NPR

Night Beds has to be one of my favourite discoveries of this year right behind Unknown Mortal Orchestra. It’s a real shame that both gigs happened to be on the same night.

Here’s a fab performance by the twenty-three year old singer-songwriter named Winston Yellen, who hails from Colorado Springs.

It definitely took a few listens but I’ve come to appreciate the guy’s soft coos. On album he hits high notes eloquently, but this live performance doesn’t really do it for me. The tune “22” reminds me of Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago.”

His album Country Sleep has some super lows and lulls that I don’t really care for, but the guy knows how to write a good folk ditty. The tunes he has included in the video below are my favourite selections of the album. I’m really crushed  I wasn’t able to see him live last week. Double shows don’t always work out as I want them to.

Do check out this NPR Tiny Desk Session, it’s stunning:


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