‘Lola Vs’, Kinks, Obsession, Radiohead



Alright, so I saw this film with a great pal Natalie when it first came out. I didn’t expect to feel all that I did and that was mostly depressed. Being a twenty-something graduate student like the main character Lola (Greta Gerwig) was less than inspiring and even a bit deprecating.

Despite the flurry of feelings, I watched the movie for a second time because it’s now on Netflix (!!). I felt like I got her realization and connection with the word “obsession” and I cannot help but think to the very bottom-of-the-barrel tune “All I Need” by Radiohead. Easily a household favourite for the very clear chorus yelp, “You are all I need.” However it took a pal to emphasize the line “I am an animal/trapped in your hot car” for me to feel something other than the chorus. Yorke and co. illustrate a depressing, sad person that I feel Lola in Lola Vs really sunk to.

Heartbreak and sadness is something you cannot appreciate until later.

Now, I’m really stoked I made the connection to the title of the film Lola Vs. which is undoubtedly a nod to the Kinks album by a similar name Lola vs. Powerman vs. the Money goround. Nailed it!




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