Coachella aftermath three: Beach House

Coachella ’13 was the fourth time I’ve shared breathing space with Beach House. The first time was a bit of a stretch as I didn’t know any of their tunes nor did I really like the show, but mega proud to say I saw them play the El Mocambo in Toronto.

In 2008, I fell in love with the album Teen Dream which I remember made frontwoman Victoria LeGrand a little testy towards Katy Perry’s similar album title. I however feel that I must admit that I’ve been enjoying the tunes of Ms. Perry after watching her amazing documentary Part of Me.

OK, to not highjack this post here with bubblegum pop, Beach House had a terrific evening set just after Modest Mouse. I was happy to hear most of Teen Dream and much of Bloom.

I was in great company of a very flamboyant young Asian guy who seemed to be in a trance. I made a comment about LeGrand’s dazzling shirt and he commented that she looked like a diva. I have never really considered Beach House to be a band that puts me in a trance as it seemed to my new friend, but I definitely found their music appealing on many different levels.


The set felt dark in a sense that it was poorly lit.


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